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Woodgate Neighborhood Association

The Woodgate Neighborhood Association (WNA) is a non-profit corporation chartered under the State of Florida. It has officers elected each year by the membership, and a Board of Directors appointed by the President. Annual dues are $25.00 due at the beginning of January and should be submitted to the Membership Chairperson. Any adult member is entitled to vote on Association matters.

The WNA sponsors neighborhood activities such as Woodgate Day on the last Saturday of June, an Easter Egg Hunt on the Saturday before Easter, the Spring party and garage sale in May, the chili supper in October and the Christmas open house in December.

The Association lobbies for the neighborhood with the city and county officials on areas of concern such as zoning, traffic, security and safety. WNA also coordinates and maintains the beautification of the island at the Thomasville Road entrance.

Contact is maintained between the WNA and the neighbors through zone leaders assigned to small areas of Woodgate. WNA publishes a newsletter, The Woodgate Way several times a year and prints a neighborhood directory.